Looking For A Trend Airshield Pro Alternative? Here Are My Top 5 Picks!

Trend Airshield Pro is the gold standard when it comes to face protection for woodworkers. It’s a state-of-the-art face protector that also doubles as a respirator. However, it comes at a steep price. So if you’re looking for a Trend Airshield Pro alternative with a lower cost, you’re on the right page. In this post, I review a few of the face protectors I’ve used over the years of being a woodworker. These options are also cheaper but guaranteed to deliver excellent protection.

Is Trend Airshield Pro a good choice?

If budget isn’t an issue, I’ll definitely splurge on a Trend Airshield Pro. It’s designed to filter air and protect the face from any projectile. It even comes with a built-in fan that ensures you’ll receive consistent airflow so that you can breathe easily.

trend airshield pro alternative

If you’re thinking of saving up for this face protector, here’s what your money is going to get you:

  • Twin dust filters. These filters have an efficacy rate of 98%, one of the highest filtrations for a face protector. This will prevent you from inhaling dangerous wood dust, especially when cutting compressed wood.
  • 8-hour battery life. The Trend Airshield Pro has a cordless operation that will last for up to 8 hours in every charge. This is more than enough for most woodworking tasks. It also has onboard battery charging for added convenience.
  • High-impact rating. This face protector can withstand force in case a wood piece flings into your face’s direction. It’s one of Trend Airshield Pro’s advantages over other face protectors in the market. Overall, it bears the ANSI Z87 rating.
  • Visor overlays. To prevent scratches, the visor of this face protector has overlays. This is replaceable to keep the visor itself scratch-free. This is a big advantage for woodworkers as wood chips can easily cause dings on polycarbonate material.
  • Adjustable headband. This face protector is suitable for head sizes between 20 to 24 inches once the battery is installed.
  • Ideal motor positioning. I also like that the fan motor is positioned away from the forehead. It reduces irritation and noise while working on your projects.

These are just some of the notable features of Trend Airshield Pro that make it a great investment. If you’re serious about woodworking, you won’t regret splurging on this one. But if you don’t have the money to avail of this yet, you can use one of my alternatives in the meantime.

What is the best alternative to Trend Airshield Pro?

For woodworkers who are not willing to pay for a Trend Airshield Pro, the following are some of the alternatives I recommend. I’ve used all of these in the past years before I settle with my new Trend Airshield Pro face protector:

Alternative #1: 3M 6800 Full Facepiece Respirator

My favorite alternative to Trend Airshield Pro is the 3M Full Facepiece Respirator. This is designed for a wide range of industries, including woodworking, painting, and metalworking.

This face protector has a large lens for the best field of view while working in your shop. It even comes with an integrated optical correction to prevent distortion in your peripheral vision. This will help reduce the risk of injuries while handling power tools.

Moreover, this face protector uses 3M’s Cool Flow Valve, so you won’t feel sweaty when using it for extended periods. I personally like the center adapter of this mask that propels your exhaled breath downward to prevent fogging of the lens.

Like the Trend Airshield, this alternative from 3M bears the ANSI Z87+ rating against high impact.

However, you should remember that this mask doesn’t include filters or chemical cartridges. You have to purchase it separately, which will set you back for an additional 20 bucks or so. Still, at this price range, the 3M Respirator is way cheaper than Trend Airshield Pro.

Overall, this is reliable face protection unless you’re wearing eyeglasses. My friend tried to put this on, and he couldn’t fit his eyeglasses inside.


  • It has a high-impact rating.
  • The filters are replaceable.
  • Reduced distortion on the peripheral vision
  • Designed for woodworking and other industries
  • Large lens for optimal view


  • The filters aren’t included yet.
  • It’s not a good fit for eyeglass wearers.

Alternative #2: Honeywell North 7600 Full-Face Respirator

If you have extra money, you can shell out a bit more to get the Honeywell North 7600 Full-Face Respirator. This is still way cheaper than Trend Airshield Pro but not short of protection against wood dust and fumes from woodworking.

This is fitted with an extra-wide 200-degree polycarbonate lens for an unmatched field of view. I also like the downward view of this face shield, which is a big deal if you’re working on a table saw or chiseling wood.

Moreover, this has a five-strap head harness that you can easily adjust for a better fit. It also comes with a soft silicone nose cup to keep you comfortable even on extended use.

In terms of protection, this has a dual-flanged face seal to avoid dust from entering on the sides of the mask. This is also compatible with PAPR or CF-SAR machines for constant airflow. You can also use this with a welding adaptor, so you no longer have to purchase separate face protection.

Another thing I like about this mask is its compatibility with the Kapton Speech diaphragm that allows you to speak and be heard clearly.


  • It can be converted to CF-SAR and PAPR.
  • 200-degree lens view
  • Unimpeded downward view
  • Compatible with a speech diaphragm
  • Compatible with multiple cartridges


  • There are no initial cartridges included.
  • It won’t make a good seal if you have a beard/stubble or if you’re wearing eyeglasses.

Alternative #3: Parcil PT-100 Full-Face Particulate Respirator

My third alternative recommendation is the Parcil PT-100 Full-Face Particulate Respirator. This is cheaper than the first two options but still a great choice for most woodworkers.

This comes with a heavy-duty filtration system that uses a P-A-1 filter. It’s a combination of a woven pre-filter, a canister with activated charcoal, and hard plastic. These layers will protect you from inhaling wood dust and harmful fumes. Overall, this can filter particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Aside from that, this full-face respirator has an impact-resistant lens and a 5-point head harness. It fits well and creates a tight seal, but it doesn’t accommodate eyeglasses.

This is a worthy purchase since it’s covered by a 1-year guarantee and a 30-day return policy. So whether you’re routing MDF, painting wood, or sandblasting a workpiece, this face protector won’t disappoint.

I also like that it already comes with a set of filters, but I still prefer 3M cartridges for better filtration. It also has replacement clips because that part on the strap seems to be the weakest point of the mask.


  • It comes with a set of P-A-1 filters.
  • Covered by a 30-day policy and 1-year guarantee
  • Equipped with an airflow vent and voice diaphragm
  • The lens doesn’t fog up.
  • Compatible with 3M bayonet-style filters


  • This isn’t the best choice if you wear eyeglasses.
  • The clips on the straps will get damaged easily if you’re not careful.

Alternative #4: KISCHERS Full-Face Reusable Respirator

If you’re looking for affordable protection against asbestos, wood dust, and so on, you should consider the KISCHERS respirator. This full-face protection has a silica gel main body that’s easy on the skin and won’t get damaged easily even under regular use.

It also has a five-point headband with a silicone edge for a tight seal on the face. This is also equipped with quick buckles, so you can easily put them on and off.

Moreover, the KISCHERS Full-Face Reusable Respirator has a filtration level of up to 97%. It uses KP95 filter cotton paired with a filter box and hard plastic cover. Overall, you’ll get a set of filters on the package so that you can use the respirator straight from the box.

Aside from that, the cartridges are rated for up to 200 hours of use before it needs replacements. For busy woodworkers, this is equal to 2 to 3 weeks of use.

However, you should know that this Trend Airshield Pro alternative is only suitable for particulate filtering. It has a durable lens, but it’s not rated for high-impact contact.


  • It filters up to 97% of particulates.
  • Made of high-quality silicone for a tight seal
  • Anti-friction and anti-fogging design
  • 170-degree field of view
  • Easy communication, thanks to the sound diaphragm


  • The nose piece tends to press hard on the nose during extended use.
  • Like other options here, this isn’t made for eyeglass wearers.

Alternative #5: AUWOD Full-Face Reusable Respirator

If you’re on a budget, the best alternative is the AUWOD Full-Face Reusable Respirator. This has a polycarbonate lens and a 360-degree silicone seal to prevent wood dust from getting into your face.

At the back, this has a breathable mesh cover to keep you comfortable. There’s also a voice diaphragm system, so you can easily communicate with the people around you.

For this set, you’ll get one mask, two cartridges, 12 cotton filters, and two plastic covers. This is also bundled with a drawstring bag for storage. For this price range, this respirator is already a steal and a great choice for beginner woodworkers.

I also like the fact that this takes in 3M cartridges for heavy use. The field of vision is also great, but I won’t rely on the lens for high-impact protection. After all, this is a budget-friendly option and far from the quality of Trend Airshield Pro.

Aside from that, I noticed that the bottom straps of this mask are in line with the ear, which makes it a bit uncomfortable. I wish they could reposition this part, so the mask will be more comfortable to use for long periods.


  • Equipped with a soft silicone seal
  • Fitted with a voice diaphragm
  • Bundled with 12 cotton filters and two cartridges
  • Compatible with 3M cartridges
  • Excellent field of view


  • It doesn’t offer optimal protection against high-impact contact.
  • The bottom straps chafe the ears a bit.

Do I really need a face protector for woodwork?

No matter how tolerant you think you are, you should always wear a face protector for several woodworking tasks. I always wear one when cutting compressed wood, using wood lathes, operating power tools, and basically anything that will produce dust.

An N95 industrial mask isn’t enough because the wood dust can still get into your eyes. Also, face shields protect your face from direct impact in case a wood piece becomes airborne. This is also your first line of defense in case drill bits or other tool parts get dislodged while in use.

How do you protect yourself against wood dust?

When it comes to wood dust, my number one rule is to wear a full-face respirator. This will prevent me from inhaling the dust, and it will also shield my eyes against contaminants.

Aside from that, you should use a vacuum to collect wood dust in your shop. This will also make your cleaning task much easier. A vacuum will also prevent the dust from clogging woodworking tools.

And if you have the extra budget, you should consider using a portable air cleaner. It’s like an air purifier for your home but designed to collect wood dust that is left in the air.

Is breathing wood dust harmful?

Yes, it’s extremely harmful to inhale wood dust, especially those from processed wood. Aside from the wood material, it also contains glue, additives, and potentially formaldehyde, which can cause serious health problems.

Continued exposure to wood dust can trigger life-threatening respiratory conditions. So before that happens, you should wear a full-face respirator while working.


Face protectors are must-haves for woodworkers. But if you don’t have the budget for fancy options, you can pick a Trend Airshield Pro alternative from this list. It’s cheaper than the mentioned model, but it still delivers topnotch protection against wood dust. Whatever you choose, make sure that you maintain the respirator so that it will last long in your shop.

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