Can Home Depot Cut Plywood? Here’s How!

Plywood sheets are large and unless you have a truck, bringing it home uncut is a big dilemma. So you ask, can Home Depot cut plywood? The good news is yes, Home Depot can cut plywood but under some conditions. This way, you no longer have to tow a massive plywood sheet to your car.

In this post, I will discuss how you can get your plywood cut in Home Depot together with other tips:

can home depot cut plywood

Will Home Depot cut my plywood?

Yes, Home Depot will cut your plywood as long as you buy it from them. This service is for free, but it’s exclusive to wood products bought inside the store.

Such a policy is in place to prevent customers from abusing the free tool. Also, Home Depot staff are only trained to handle wood that’s inside the store. They can attest to its quality, and the company is answerable in case the wood is found to have defects while cutting.

If this free service is made available to wood purchased outside, woodworkers will come lining up to Home Depot. That means everyone can use their cutting tool without buying anything from the store.

Take note that the plywood cutting service of Home Depot isn’t meant to fit your desired size by the inch. That is unless you bring your own tape measure and pencil to do the markings.

Most of the time, customers get their plywood cut in-store, so it will be easier to fit inside the vehicle. They will just polish it at home to suit the exact size they need.

Aside from that, the blades they use are for multi-purpose cutting. Also, it’s being used all day, so you shouldn’t expect the edges to be smooth. We’re talking about plywood here, so the edges will most likely be rough and uneven.

Another thing you should keep in mind when cutting plywood in Home Depot is the alignment. Many woodworkers I know complain about the tool getting knocked out of alignment. Some wood-cutting associates will be honest with you, though some will just keep cutting.

Your approach matters!

I’ve been buying and cutting plywood in Home Depot for some time now. I learned that the result of the cuts is affected by how you approach the associate.

If you’re patient, friendly, and not arrogant, the staff will produce accurate cuts. Some would even let you get free additional cuts. And since I’m a regular, I’ve landed a few discounts before as well.

Take note that just because there’s someone assigned for wood-cutting doesn’t mean you’ll sit around and wait. You should help the person cut the plywood for you. Remember, this is a free service, so a helping hand would be much appreciated.

Aside from that, I suggest preparing before you go to Home Depot. List the plywood type you need and the cuts you want. This will make things easier and faster for the associate cutting the wood. 

I also bring with me a piece of paper where I draw a simple cut plan. This helps the wood-cutting associate picture what I wanted to happen on the plywood. This saved both of us a lot of time and effort while eliminating frustration.

Added tips when cutting plywood in Home Depot

Once you’ve selected the plywood you need, the next step is to cart it to the ‘cutting center’. Each Home Depot store that offers free cutting service has this spot. Once you’re there, here’s what you need to do:

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help. I’ve seen many customers try to wrestle a whole plywood sheet on their own. If you’re not physically fit for this, it doesn’t hurt to ask for help. Most of the time, the wood-cutting associate will be there, but if he’s not, just ask the nearest staff.
  • Be patient. There are times when the queue at the cutting center can be pretty long. This is why I avoid 9 am and 3 pm windows, as these are the time when contractors and homeowners shop for supplies.
  • Choose the right cart. If you’re buying plywood sheets, pick a flat cart. A platform cart will also work if you’re buying other bulky items.
  • Pick your plywood properly. Sometimes, the top sheet has damages. Even if it means added effort, consider pulling a plywood sheet underneath. Or, if you want a potential discount, you can pick the defective sheet and point it out to the associate. Sometimes, they will give it to you at a slashed price. Just make sure that the damage won’t affect your project.
  • Look for the reduced lumber section. A few Home Depot stores I’ve visited have the ‘Reduced Lumber’ corner. Basically, it’s a pile of wood products with minor damages, but still useful. These are extremely discounted, sometimes even up to 70%.
  • Opt for vertical cuts. Based on my experience, the cutting tools at Home Depot are suitable for vertical cuts only. This way, you can avoid uneven ripping if the cutting associate isn’t very skilled in keeping the sheet flat to the saw.

Will Home Depot cut plywood and deliver it?

Home Depot can deliver plywood to your address. Whether they can cut it or not depends on the store and your agreement with them. If you’re a regular, they will most likely accommodate. However, I was told it would cost a small added fee, though this may not be the case in all stores.

Aside from that, Home Depot offers free delivery to orders over $45. You can also choose from scheduled or expedited delivery, though each one has varying fees.

How many plywoods can I cut for free in Home Depot?

Most Home Depot stores can perform one to two cuts on pressure-treated wood. Some branches can do more cuts for free before charging you. If you’re a regular and good friends with the associate, he can give you up to 12 cuts, but this is, of course, is a case-to-case basis.

How much is plywood in Home Depot?

Plywood prices in Home Depot change from time to time, but the average would be around $33 to $35 for a 32” x 4’ x 8’ sanded pine plywood. This is just my estimation since the prices have escalated lately due to the pandemic.


Can Home Depot cut plywood? Yes, as long as you purchase it from their store. The average is one to two cuts, but it could be more on other branches. The good thing is that there’s a wood-cutting associate who will help you cut the plywood faster. Always bring a cutting plan to speed up the process and to avoid errors.

Have you tried cutting plywood on Home Depot before? Share your experience below!

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